‘I Never Meant To Insult 2face By Calling Him An Illiterate’ – Comedian Gordons Apologizes

Popular comedian, Gordons, has apologized for calling Innocent 2face “2baba” Idibia an illiterate

Gordons who said this a meeting with GoldmyneTV brought out the artist over his choice to pull out of the One Voice Nigeria challenge, including that the vocalist since he can’t communicate expressively, he shouldn’t have endeavored to rally Nigerians to dissent.

He said music was the main way 2face could convey what needs be and all things considered, he ought to have utilized that medium to challenge government approaches and that he is the “main ignorant who can sing accurately.”

“2Face is my tutor with regards to music. He is one artist I venerate, amazing to me. However, you can’t utilize a device that you are not used to.

“How are you going to communicate 2Face when amplifier is ideal in your face and you are asked to express your grievance and the purpose behind what reason you are challenging? You can’t convey what needs be, it’s not your diversion. Do it with music you are utilized to. 2Face is the main ignorant who can sing effectively,” he had said.

Minutes after the video became famous online with reactions from big names and different Nigerians, Gordons put out a video saying he had called the performer to apologize.

The entertainer said he was just doing his employment and never planned to “affront” 2baba.

He stated: “I simply did a SMS of a conciliatory sentiment to 2face and his family on the grounds that occasionally, individuals misjudge why we do what we do.

“I’m only a humorist, I’m much the same as a gynecologist who’s doing his employment. It doesn’t make a difference who comes, I will carry out my employment.

“This is not proposed to affront 2face or his family. He has even said it before in his melodies. Be that as it may, I comprehend the circumstance we are in and I felt that was a tiny bit unsportsmanlike and I needed to apologize. This wasn’t expected to bring a battle.”


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