Photos: This prophet turned 1700 men of God into POWERFUL prophets

– African pastors are turning to Nana Kwaku Bonsam to acquire prophetic and spiritual powers
– An estimated 1700 pastors have since been turned into prophets by this very powerful man of God from Ghana
– Bonsam’s mission is to convert as many pastors as possible into prophets, but at a fee. He also brags that he has sufficient power to turn anything he touches into cash. But what is his secret?
It has emerged that the reason why Africa seems to have so many prophets lately is because there is another prophet who is giving them their powers.

This is Nana Kwaku Bonsam, the great prophet from Ghana

Pastors and other men of God from across Africa reportedly go to Prophet Nana Kwaku Bonsam from Ghana to acquire prophetic powers and then start their own churches. It is a lucrative business, both for the pastors who have been given powers to heal and the giver of power.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam and some of his followers

Prophet Bonsam claims he has given 1700 pastors powers to become prophets and he is very proud of it. The said pastors, according to the great prophet, have come from different countries in Africa, including Zimbabwe and southern Africa countries.
Prophet Bonsam, who is popularly known as “sangoma” in Ghana, is arguably the most powerful prophet that has ever lived in Africa, and he seems to believe so himself. He even occasionally dares his critics to challenge him in battle for supernatural and spiritual powers. But none is yet to take on the daring priest.
Bonsam’s shrine is situated somewhere in Sa-Peiman village in the outskirts of Nsawam, eastern Ghana. He says his god is called Kofi Kofi, from whom he receives his in-demand supernatural powers.

Prophet Nana Kwaku Bonsam and his followers

A local Ghanaian paper recently revealed that Bonsam receives hundreds of visitors to his shrine on daily basis.
Strangely, most of his patients and guests are high flying members of the society, including prominent politicians seeking for elective offices and businesses leaders looking for divine intervention to grow their profit margins.The kind of cars parked outside his shrine confirms that the fetish priest is himself not poor.

Inside Nana Kwaku Bonsam’s shrine

It is reported that he charges about US$ 5000 as consultation fee, excluding ritual costs. Only rich people can afford it.
The rituals are characterized by things like slaughtering of cats and fowls, white dove, pigeons and goats. The blood is normally spilled on the priest’s god (Kofi-Kofi). Inside the shrine, you will see several other gods, bibles, razor sharp machetes, cartons of talcum powder, a rifle, padlocks, cash, calabashes, among other weird paraphernalia, most of which are dangling on the wall.

This is how Nana Kwaku Bonsam roll

Prophet Bonsam is known to brag a lot about his capabilities.
“I am very powerful. I use my powers to heal people and help those who are travelling abroad. I also have the power to protect you from thugs and dis-empower you from witches and wizards, among other problems,” he recently told a local TV.
Additionally, he says he can produce miracle money, and that anything he lays hands on can easily change into cash. He can also kill a fly and make it fly again, or even plant a mango seed and it germinates the same day.
Meanwhile, pastors from all walks of life continue to flock prophet Bonsam’s shrine in search for powers, most of them with the intention of using those powers to build their churches.

Prophet Nana Kwaku Bonsam and one of his pastors at work
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One thought on “Photos: This prophet turned 1700 men of God into POWERFUL prophets

  1. I live In Cameroon and had try to get the priest through phone,whatsapp to no avail ,how can some one far off be assisted by the Doctor? I am struggling in my business and career and needs divine intervention


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