Photos: 7 reasons Nigerians think Osibanjo will make better president than Buhari 

Before the president left the country on vacation, he designated all duties to his vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, who handled all the affairs of the nation with all zealousness. The vice president tried his best possible in ensuring that the country remained stable despite the rancour caused by the prolonged absence of the president.The news of president Buhari being well brought relief to thousands of Nigerians. However, some people think Osinbajo should be allowed to hold the position forever since he has impressed them within the short period of time he has ruled as the acting President 

Below are the reason they give
1. Osibanjo is younger ​​

Nigerians think Osibanjo is younger so can be more active in that sit 

Moreover Nigeria need to be ruled by a young man.
2. He is healthier 

He haven’t leave his sit in order to receive treatment.
3. His ability to move around​​

Likewise PMB who always at one place receiving treatments, in order words not caring of his people.
4.His visit to Niger delta​​

He did what our currently president was afraid of.
5. Osibanjo has moved around the nation more than Buhari

According to the record since 2015 Osibanjo has be moving around the nation in order word he is more accessible 
6. More educated 

People has been wondering how can a president without a certificate can rule a nation. According to the manner in which Osibanjo handle a situation to that of Buhari proved him to be more educated.
7. Osibanjo approach to boiling nation issues is awesome​​

During the time Osibanjo acted as president,  Nigerians found out he has a great manner of approach. He can restore calmness to outraged community by speaking to them.


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