Airtel 1GB for 100naira weekend plan

Some people have forgotten the awoof. It still active and blazing 

HOW TO CHECK IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR AIRTEL WEEKEND BUNDLE==> First of all, don’t recharge your Airtel line yet.

==> Now, dial *474*1# .

==> If you receive a response that;

Then, your Airtel SIM is eligible for the weekend plan. But if you are not eligible, you will get a response telling you that.

Once your Airtel sim is eligible, kindly go ahead and recharge your line with Airtel N100, and dial *474*1# to activate the offer.


Kindly dial *140# to check your remaining data.

Hope you remember that you can get 7GB for just N700 every weekend, with the Airtel Weekend Bundle?

Airtel only allows you to subscribe once per day, which means that you can only get 1GB per day.

==> The gigabytes can be accumulated till the weekend

==> The more you subscribe, the more the expiry date extends

==> You can accumulate Airtel weekend plan to get 7GB by subscribing to this plan every day.

That is, from Sunday to Saturday, i.e getting 1GB every day with N100. Start using your 7GB data for anything during the weekend.

That’s all friends. Happy browsing.

Comment if you are a bit confused


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