Pope Francis to visit South Sudan with world Anglican leader

Pope Francis said he wants to make a trip to South Sudan together with the head of the Anglican Church to bring attention to the suffering of people stricken by civil war and famine.Francis made the disclosure in impromptu comments during a visit to Rome’ s Anglican church, the first to the parish by a pope, to mark the 200th anniversary of its opening .

“ My aides and I are studying the possibility of a trip to South Sudan ,” the pope said in response to a question about Christian Churches in Africa .

When asked why he recalled that in October 2016 the Catholic , Episcopalian and Presbyterian bishops came to Rome to discuss the situation in their country and invited him to visit.

Francis said they told him “ but don’ t come alone, come with Justin Welby , the Archbishop of Canterbury”. Welby is spiritual head of the worldwide Anglican communion, which counts about 85 million members and is the world ’ s third-largest Christian denomination

Francis said the trip would likely last just one day, which Vatican sources have said would be for security reasons .

Francis gave no indication when it could take place but sources have said it would be this year.

The Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches have been split since 1534 when King Henry VIII broke with Rome to start the Church of England.


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